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Field and brush mowers can be used for clearing bushes and grass. Outdoor power equipment has a stronger engine as compared to simple lawnmowers and trimmers. A more powerful engine allows the equipment to easily cut through dense vegetation.

If you are thinking about buying a field and brush mower, the information in this blog post will help you select the right outdoor power equipment that meets your requirements.

1. Right Size

You must select a mower that can easily cut through the vegetation.

You should select a brush mower that can cut the required thickness and height of the brush. For instance, DR PTO Brush Mower – Pro 44t can cut down 4 feet high weeds and brush and up to 3 inches thick saplings. Buying a mower that is suitable for the job is important as it will ensure that the outdoor power equipment can cut through the brush without getting damaged in the process.

2. Easy to Maintain

Another important factor that you should consider when buying a brush mower is how easy it is to maintain the equipment. Make sure that changing the cutting blade and trimming the head is easy.  The cost of maintenance will be low if it is easy to change the faulty parts.

The cost of labor to repair and fix the mower will be high if it is difficult to disassemble. You should look for equipment that has bolted parts. Parts that are welded to the mower will be difficult to replace. Repairing a mower with welded parts will cost more as compared to a mower with bolted parts.

3. Power Source

The third important factor that you should consider when buying a mower is the source of the field and brush mower. Most brush mowers are powered by electricity, gasoline, or battery. Some mowers have a hybrid power source that starts with electricity but runs on gasoline. These mowers are the most efficient and powerful in cutting dense, thick vegetation.

If you want to clear brush from a smaller lawn, you should an electric-powered brush mower. These mowers are less powerful than a gasoline mower but do a good job of cutting through small and medium-sized vegetation.

4. Engine Type

A brush mower with at least a 10 Horse Power (HP) engine is recommended for cutting thick vegetation. However, you should not select a mower with the biggest engine. The more powerful the engine, the more costly will be the mower. Moreover, a mower with a stronger engine will be heavier that will result in the consumption of more fuel as compared to a mower with a less powerful engine.

In addition, you should select a mower with an overhead valve (OHV) engine. The engine types are more durable and efficient as compared to the older flathead engines used in some mowers.

5. Protective Gear

Wearing protective gear is important when using a field and brush mower for cutting through thick vegetation. That’s why you should consider buying the right protective equipment along with a field and brush mower.

Always wear hearing protection and safety glasses when using a mower. Moreover, you should wear heavy-duty boots and clothing when using a brush mower. Safety gloves are also recommended when using a brush mower for the lawn. Wearing protective clothing and equipment will ensure that you don’t injure yourself while mowing.

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