Mean Green Products require ZERO gas and are 100% electric!

North Alabama's Mean Green Team

The Mean Green Superstore staff is made up of a full team from sales to service and is ready to move you into the future!


Mean Green Products produce ZERO emissions, keeping the air you breathe clean!

The ELectric Advantage

Electric is the future and it can also save you money!


Whether big or small, we can help find the perfect fit for your job!

Mean Green Superstore is your North Alabama home to Mean Green Products! Mean Green Products are 100% Electric that require ZERO gas and produce ZERO emissions.

On top of being eco-friendly, this line of electric power equipment will save you money and require less maintenance than traditional equipment.


Looking to save money and go green? Get in touch with us for more information and to get started on your order!


Call us: 256.880.1880 Ext: 06



Your equipment deserves care from professionals who know the product in and out. Our trained certified technicians can help you get back on the job quickly and safely. 

We service what we sell and take care of each customer like they are our own. If you need service, please contact our store to speak with our service department.

Need A Warranty Service? We’re Happy to Help

Mean Green Superstore is a Divison of Current Electrical & Generator Services.

Mean Green Superstore is proud to be members of the North Alabama business community.

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